Luminarc Diwali Dinner Plate 27 Cm, Set of 6 – D7360

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  • Brand: Luminarc.
  • Origin: France.
  • Scratch-resistant, Freeze-resistant, Dishwasher safe.


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Brand: Luminarc

Origin: France

Shape: Round

Material: Glass

Size: 13.2 x 6.8 Cm

weight: 0.245 Gram

Number of Pieces: 1

Color: Red

Type: Luminarc Red bowl Flashy

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Microwave Safe: Yes

Oven Safe: Yes

Food Safe: Yes

Heat Resistance: Yes – 250?C / 475?F

Tempered: Yes

Made of tempered glass:

Tempered glass is a glass material that is up to 5 times stronger than conventional glass. It has extraordinary mechanical and thermal resistance properties.

Perfectly stackable item:

Item whose design and composition have been studied to make it perfectly stackable and safe.

Dishwasher-safe item:

Item designed to withstand several hundred dishwasher cycles, guaranteeing a long-lasting shine

High shock resistance:

Item up to 5 times more resistant than an item that has not undergone any specific treatment process, offering a very high shock resistance

Suitable for microwave cooking:

The materials used are designed to withstand microwave use and distribute the heat efficiently to limit the risk of burns.

Heat resistance:

Item made for serving hot drinks. It can resist thermal shocks of up to 275? F.

0% Bacteria:

Glass is a 100% non-porous material that prevents the retention of bacteria and unpleasant smells.

100% recyclable:

Item made of 100% recyclable and/or reusable material.

High scratch resistance:

The item on which an anti-scratch treatment has been applied for excellent resistance to scratches caused by repeated contact with cutlery.

This bowl is ideal for your favourite hot drinks.




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