Panasonic Water Heater (Non-Jet Pump) – DH3MT1

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Type: Non-Jet-pump.

Safety Device: 9 Safety points.

Safety Device: Auto Thermal Cut OFF.

Power Selection: Electric Power Control.

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Brand: Panasonic

Origin: Singapore

9 Safety Points: Part 2

Power consumption: 3.6 kW

Dimension: 420 x 185 x 85 (H x W x D) (mm)

Water Pressure: Max 380kPa, Min 9.8kPa

Non-Jet Pump M series Home Shower (Water Heater)
M series provides a range of new trendy designs. Simple and straightforward control panel home shower which allows you to experience a luxurious, safe and comfortable shower every day. The elegant design fits any bathroom ‘theme’ or colors.
– 3.6kW
– Ag+ Crystal: Antibacterial Shower Head

9 Safety Points
1) Insulated Structure

– Comply with IEC 60529 (IP25) for protection provided by enclosure against access to harzardous parts with finger and foreign objects
– Prevent fire/electric shock/injury

2) Water Splash Proof Case Cover

– Comply with IEC 60529 (IP25) for protection provided by enclosure against harmful effect due to ingres of water.
– Prevent fire/electrical shock

3) One Push ON-OFF Switch

– Switch off both main power line and water supply line directly
– Prevent burning and electric shock

4) Non Flammable Material Compliance

– UL-94-V0 Classification Material
– Self extinguish, non-combustible material for external casing (Front

5) Manual Reset Thermostat

– Cut off power supply in the event of component failure resulting in continuous heating in abnormal conditions.
– Prevent fire

6) Reinforced Polyamide Heater Unit

– Self extinguish, non-combustible material for container
– Heat Resistance 237°C
– Prevent fire
– Detachable heater for easy maintenance and easy cleaning by authorized technician

7) Auto Thermal Cut-Off (55°C)

– Cut off power supply in the event of water temperature exceeds hazards limit
– Prevent from burns (first-degree burn)

8) Built-in Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)

– Mechanical Type, Double Pole Switch
– Double safety as it cuts off both neutral and live line completely if electricity leakage occurs
– Power supply cuts off automatically when unit has current leakage
– Prevent electric shock

9) Water Flow Sensor

– Cut off power supply if the water flow is too low which can lead to water temperature from becoming very hot
– Prevent over-heating




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