Sauce Pot Set Sun 22, 24 Cm – 380830

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  • Brand: Zebra.
  • Origin: Thailand.
  • Cooking pot 22 & 24 Cm 2 Pcs Set.

৳ 3,497

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Brand- SUN (Zebra).

Origin- Thailand.


22-24 stainless cooking pot, great value, beautiful shape Can be used in restaurants, hotels, and households

Cooking pot set 22,24 High Peaks 1 set of 2

1 pot of 22 cm.

1 24 cm cooker.


Pot 22 cm. Wide mouth (measured inside) 22 cm. X-height 16 cm.

Pot 24 cm. Wide mouth (measured in) 24 cm. X-height 18 cm. Product Type- Stainless Steel Sauce Pot Sun.

Material: Stainless Steel Sus 430.

Designed to accommodate the modern kitchen.

Distinctive modern design.

Safe does not react with food.

Durable; Reliable and highly versatile.

Design of high handles to keep the flame.

Single Base Bottom.

Wireless contaminants.

Anti-overflow pot edge.

Long last shine.

High Quality And Long Lasting.

Easy to clean after use.

Premium quality stainless steel.

Affordable. Easy to use.

Do not touch the pot while it is hot.

Avoid over-high flaming.

Do not put it into the microwave oven.

Aware of pouring enough water.

Do not contain over full food.



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