Sealing Machine Automitic 90&96mm Cup – WY980

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  • Brand: IHW.
  • Origin: China.
  • Usage: Commercial Kitchen.

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Brand: IHW

Origin: China

Model: WY-980

Size: 38X35x68cm

Power supply: 220V /50Hz

Power: 350W

Sealing speed: 400~500times/hour

Color: Golden+Silvery

Materials: Thick steel 0.6~3mm

Cup sealing dia.: ?90mm, ?95mm

Max. cup height: 180mm

Net/Gross weight: 25kg/28kg

Package size: 48x38x69cm/0.12m3

Package: Carton + foam


Sealing diameter: ?95mm Maximum cup height:180mm; with mould to seal the cup of ?70-76mm, ?90, ?95mm.
With microcomputer controling, light touch of keypress, LED screen, visual operation
Accurately temperature controling, temperature difference is less than 3 ?temperature
With automatic electric counter
With two model of automatic and manual, flexible and convenient to opperate
The time of sealing and cup inputing can be seted
With safety protection device, avoiding to injure the hand
Automatic identifing the fault, showing fault code Intellectively and with audible alarm
Automatic film induction and does not damage to the knife. Even if improper operation, the machine will not roll and seal the film, to ensure that no damage to the serrated knife.
Unique double-cups structure for freedom match. Pearl milk tea sealing machine is a kind of cup sealing packing machine for beverage.

More details about cup sealing machine:

1. Good quality
Every part of the cup sealing machine, we use the best materials including high quality stainless steel, cast aluminum, A3 carbon steel. For the the machine body is more thick than others’, our products are more durable. (The thickness of our stainless steel is 2mm, and the others’ are only 1.75mm)

2. High efficiency
This product is energy-efficient and very easy to clean. When the temperature arrives to 170? C, the temp light is shinning, then you can seal cup by the machine. Whatever the manual ones or the automatic ones, are easy to operate, the min output is 300 cups/hour, and max is 600 cups/hour, and our product is suitable for 90 or96 mm cups.

3. Suitable for sealing a variety of materials

The film material and sealing temperature as below:

*PE (Polyethylene): 170 -190?C

*PP (Polypropylene): 170 -210 ?C

*PS (Polystyrene): 180 -190 ?C

*Easy ripping film: 120 -180 ?C



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