Dessert Bowl Pink Single Pcs – Q8578

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  • Brand: Luminarc.
  • Origin: France.
  • Scratch-resistant, Freeze-resistant, Dishwasher safe & Microwave Safe.


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Brand: Luminarc

Origin: France

Material: Glass

Color: Pink

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 12cm
Height: 5cm
Capacity: 8.25 oz.

Series: Vicky

Features: Dishwasher Safe & Lead-Free

Shape: Round

Product: Terracotta Dessert bowl

Item made of tempered glass, 3 times more impact resistant

Resistant decorations, dishwasher safe

Item designed to be stacked without risk of breakage


Dishwasher safe item:
Item designed to withstand several hundred dishwasher cycles, ensuring a long-lasting shine.

Suitable for microwave cooking:
The materials used are designed to resist microwave use and distribute heat efficiently to limit the risk of burns.

Made of tempered glass:
Tempered glass is a glass material that is up to 5 times stronger than conventional glass. It has extraordinary mechanical and thermal resistance properties.

Perfectly stackable product:
Article whose design and composition have been studied to make it perfectly stackable and safe.

High impact resistance:
Article up to 5 times more resistant than an article that has not undergone any specific treatment, offering very high impact resistance.

100% recyclable:
Item made with 100% recyclable and / or reusable material.

Effervescence Plus technology:
The presence of a perlage point to guarantee an effervescent effect to champagne or beers in all circumstances.

0% bacteria:
Glass is a 100% non-porous material that prevents the retention of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Wash the plates and dishes before using them for the first time.
Rinse before placing in the dishwasher.
Follow the recommended dosage of detergents by the manufacturer of the dishwasher.
Prefer short wash cycles for decorated items.

Do not place in an oven or in contact with fire ( unless the article is made for that ).
Do not use abrasive sponges for washing.
Do not expose to sudden temperature changes.
Never use a damaged, cracked on chipped item.




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